The West Virginia EMS Project

The West Virginia EMS Project is an ongoing initiative committed to empowering emergency medical services (EMS) stakeholders, researchers, and local leaders by providing comprehensive online resources on EMS funding, models, and related components across the Mountain State.

You are free to use WV EMS Project data and information for non-commercial purposes. Recommended citation: Ben Evans, WV EMS Project. Our efforts are independent, and we are not affiliated with any nonprofit, government agency, or similar organization. If you need more information or custom data, please contact me.

Our Mission

1. Develop Comprehensive Online Resources

Create user-friendly and informative online resources that serve as a centralized resource hub for emergency medical services (EMS) stakeholders, researchers, and local leaders in West Virginia.

2. Enhance Access to EMS Funding Information

Compile and regularly update a database of local approaches to EMS in West Virginia, including excess levies, ambulance fees, and other funding mechanisms.

3. Showcase EMS Models and Best Practices

Highlight successful local EMS models, case studies, and best practices from within West Virginia and other states, providing valuable insights and strategies for improving local EMS across the Mountain State.

4. Foster Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing

Establish a dynamic online community where EMS professionals, researchers, and leaders can interact, share experiences, exchange ideas, and collaborate to address challenges and promote innovations in EMS within West Virginia.