Changes on the Horizon for Grant County EMS

Grant County is making significant changes to its emergency medical services, with a focus on improving efficiency and finances, WHSV reports. The County Commission recently approved a new plan that will relieve the county EMS organization of transports out of Grant Memorial Hospital following its new affiliation with the WVU Health System. The hospital, the county EMS Director said, would rely on EMS affiliated with WVU for transports.

Previously, EMS in Grant County handled both 911 calls and transports out of the hospital, but with the changes, they will transition to focusing on 911 service.

“It works better because if one company does it all you kind of cheat each side. So like if you’re gonna run a bunch of 911 calls and the hospital has a transport to go out then you’re kind of delaying that transport,” said Funk [County EMS Director].

[West Virginia]