Report: State Office Financial Crisis Threatens Virginia’s Emergency Medical Services

According to recent reporting from the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Virginia’s Office of Emergency Medical Services is facing major financial challenges. Reporting earlier this year indicated the office was conducting an internal investigation.

The financial crisis is having a spillover effect on regional EMS organizations and local rescue squads, according to the reporting. Money from the office is essentially frozen right now, and grant applications to local rescue squads will not be considered this quarter.

"The salaries of paid employees are generally funded at the local level and are not in danger of disappearing. But much of their equipment is paid for by the state or local fundraising."

Around $6 per vehicle registration in Virginia goes to this office, which has a budget of almost $60 million annually. Its core functions include funding for regional EMS councils, the Virginia State Police aeromedical program, and direct grant assistance to community rescue squads.